What are The Best Chastity Cages 2022

Welcome to the lair of your most perverse fantasies.  Whether you want to permanently lock up your ridiculous sex, or you're a complete beginner, you'll find what you're looking for here, tips, chastity cages or BDSM accessories.  

In this article, we introduce the best chasity cages in 2022. We never let you down! Whilst in different countries we refer to our chastity cages either as that or as slight variations such as cock cages, penis cages, chastity devices, in other parts of the world the name is drastically different. Here is the best chatity cages 2022. You can even find some style haven't seen before. Submit to her and desire and choose your cages here. Find the perfect chastity cage at chastitycage.co course! Here we will commend the best small chastity cage, best metal chastity cages, best silicone chastity cages,  best pink chastity cages, and some cobra chastity cages for you!

Part 1. What is the Best Small Chastity Cages 2022

Many of the cages are less than 1 inch in total or even no length or space , and it almost removes the penis from him, at least without any ability to use it. Thus, when trapped in a small chastity cage, men lose all ability to possess the most masculine of things, erections. Here we will recommend 5 best small tiny chastity cages 2022.

1. CC99 Thin Slice Chastity Cage

You can't imagine this flat chastity cage has never been so in fashion. Completely eliminate your cock with the worlds shortest chastity cage. This is the 2022 New Thin Slice Chastity Cage. The cover diamter only 24mm. There is no place for the penis. Haha. The world shortest chastity cage. So small, right?

2. CC33 Super Small Cock Cage

Top Quality 304 Stainless Steel, Never Rusty. 4 size Ring for choose. The cage length is 12 mm, 0.47 inches. The ring can be open and it is easy to wear. More information is here.


3. Newest Nub HT V4 Resin Male Chastity Device

Nub V4 chastity cage are the newest chastity cages. Their rings with new updated design will grip your genitals harder than an angry mistress. Including 4 different sizes rings. There are pink, black and clear three colors for your choice.

Made from premium resin, this chastity cage is designed to prolong wear.  It is comfortable because it has slight flexibility and allows you to lock his penis for a long time.  It also has a hole on the tip, so he doesn't need to take it when he needs to pee.  It also has a ring around the ball to secure the cage position.  

4.  CC97 Circular Arc Clasp Flat Chastity Lock

Circular arc clasp flat chastity cage looks very fashion. The ring is slightly curved, making it comfortable and tight to your private part. This is a new style. The length about 0.5 inch. If you want a urtheral for this cage, you can search CC71 in our website. 

 5. Removable Cobra Chastity Lock with Arc Snap Ring and Catheter

The overall design of Mamba adds a new design on the basis of preserving comfort.  Its smooth and full three dimensional shape can fit the human body, and it is not easy to escape. This 3D chastity cage is super short and tight, light. There are two style, the positive cage and negtive chastity cage. About the spacing of the chastity cage,  the positive is bigger than negtive. For the position of the cage and the ring, the positive cage is raised and the negative cage is recessed.

A large selection of tiny chastity cages on our website. Different styles fo your choice.   An extremely small chastity cagesMany of these cages less than 1 inch in total length, super small cages.

Part 2. What is the Best Spiked Chastity Cages 2022

Welcome to spiked chastity cages heaven or hell. You're in the place of our most difficult BDSM spiked chastity cages. Here we also recommend 5 best spiked chastity cages for you. The material includes the metal steel chastity cages and silicone chastity cages. Read on!

1.  Spiked Chastity Cages - Screw-Me-If-You-Can Cock Cage 2.28 inches Long

This metal spiked chastity cage can humiliate your penis and make it look ridiculous. It is certainly not for those who are new to humiliation and submission, because if you are not yet accustomed to the experience, the sexual torture your mistress inflicts on you by this means of chastity.  It will soon become unbearable. Why not try?



 2. Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes

This Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes is Stainless steel. Strategically placed within the cage are 10 screw spikes, which can be taken out and moved around according to your desires. Use the allen wrench to screw them in or out, driving the sharp tips into their flesh as far as you want. 
Measurements: Cage portion is 1.75 inches in length, with a 1.3 inch diameter opening. Rings have an inner diameter of 1.75 inches and 1.95 inches.



Chastity Cage with Spikes are here. Go to the heaven or hell? That is a question. Just enjoy it!

 3. CC76 Men's short spiked silicone chastity cage

This Silicone spiked cage is made of resin.  Blue, transparent, black, pink, red colors for your choice. It designed to be lightweight, cruel and extra secure. There are a dozen sharp silicone spikes inside the penis that aren't hard enough to cause harm, but certainly enough to cause discomfort and pain in the head of the penis after an erection.  


 4. Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device 1.73 inches long

Just as you thought that a small cock is enough for your dominant partner to humiliate you, then you've certainly never tried the Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device 1.73 inches long before. Give your master full control with this chastity cage, complete with a metal urethra catheter. This cock cage is suitable for partners who want to take their BDSM relationship to the next level.

5. Stainless Egg shaped Cock Cage with Spikes

Stainless steel, never rusty, dense welding, smooth surface. It can come into contact with the skin directly to avoid allergies and is very comfortable to wear. The slim design is smoother and more beautiful, and thanks to the complete encirculation of penis and testicles, you will feel like a new experience that is exciting and unbreakable. With anti-off loop. The testicles is equipped with a thorn ring, so you can feel the stimulation while there is no way!

Part 3. What is the Best Metal Chastity Devices 2022

Metal Stainless steel, simple design, best price. It is a great all rounder suitable for those who are experienced in all things chastity. 
These collection are make from stainless steel. Whether it's for punishment, control or just for fun, you'll feel the weight and strength of these cages and know they won't fall off unless your key holder gives them permission.
Many of our steel cages are designed to be safe and comfortable, which is more eye-catching and perfect for fetish activities.

1. CC96 Mamba Chastity Cage

If you are looking for mamba or cobra metal chastity cage, this one is just what you want. If you find yourself in this device, rest assured that you are a very, very lucky person. The latest is a steel chastity cage designed to protect you from yourself.  Along with the smallest openings in the design, you don't need to worry about temptation because your package will stay tightly packed with important others.  

2. CC10 Steel Chastity Cage 4.3 Inches Long

The male chastity cage will imprison the lucky wearer's cock with no hope of escape.  This design will have a large number of penises that will be shown to key holders, giving them the ability to tease captive members should hope!  

The cage, a larger steel chastity cage, is one of the most popular options.  The soft curved design makes it a comfortable fit, both when relaxing and when arousing.  The cage-length strips are narrower than most other cages, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear in jeans and pants.  

Prevents erection, masturbation and partial orgasms in the context of erotic role play. This metal chastity device is so solid. A real padlock locks with a key, and without the key, you can't escape. This stainless steel cock cage is very easy to clean.

 3. Cock Cage with a Butt Plug

Do you want to take your BDSM relationship to another level? It is easy with this kind of cage cage! It comes with the sound of a butt plug and urethra to occupy their minds until you release them temporarily from captivity to experience ecstasy. What are you waiting for? Take control of your relationship like a real dominant is supposed to! More info is here.

 4. Condemned Penetration Cage with Anal Insertion

A super-complete and resistant chastity cage offers many possibilities. Urethral inserts are also easy to remove and place.I n short, a master or mistress can make a submissive person miserable in many ways, such as by shoving him through his anus, shoving him through his urethra, or, more simply, frustrating him by preventing his erection. Cages with anal insertions are made of stainless steel and look more brutal and painful. The cage will please both the very submissive men who like to have their anus plugged up and their penises locked up, and the dominant men who like to be in control.


5. Metal Chastity Cage Small & Shabby

If you're no longer excited about sex, you need to reduce the intimacy a bit to feel hungry again.  Having too much stuff is never a good thing, because even if it is satisfying, it certainly loses its meaning.  You need to strike some balance to keep things in perspective.  One way you can force yourself to reduce or try to control your sexual urges is by wearing a chastity device.  Keeping your one-eyed snake in a cage means keeping interference to a minimum.  You decide when you can play, but you must deprive yourself first.  

This metal chastity cage Small & Shabby is perfect for severe punishment, as well as for relatively small penises.  It will make you a pure person, the master will be there to guide you, the cage will correct you! Don't miss it!

No doubt, deprivation will rekindle your passion and make you dizzy, just like when you had sex for the first time.  Buy one now, and you will discover the magic of self-denial and achieve a higher level of happiness!  What are you waiting for?  


Part 4. What is the Best Sissy Pink Chastity Devices 2022

Looking for the sissy pink chastity devices? Which do you prefer, the silicone or resin? For a sissy girl, You deserve many pink cock cages. Lol!

Pink chastity locks play a big role in BDSM fantasy. "Men dressing up" refers to "forcing" submissive men to disguise themselves as maids. Sissy should have the right to have their own chicken coop treasure chest. Some chastity locks are made of high-quality hard plastic, silicone or resin. All products are available in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find the one that works best for you.

Being a sissy doesn't always mean giving up all the fun. That's why we have a dedicated selection of different coops ready to complete your entire outfit so you can be really pretty pink! Get ready to be humiliated and tortured by our pink coops on so many levels. Here you can truly prove your "sissy" and be dominated in ways you can only imagine in your deepest dreams and desires. Who knew? Our pink chicken coop could be your new sissy fetish.

1. Pink HT V4 Resin Male Chastity Device

There are five cages in the V4 collection. The V4 collection are the newest chastity cages. Their rings with new updated design will grip your genitals harder than an angry mistress. Here are different tube length for you choice, including the nub, nano, small, standard, and max. This chastity device will Eelevate his Sissy look.

 2. Sissy Wrangler Resin Cock Cage

This Sissy Pink resin cock cage is here to satisfy some of your evil indulgent cravings. It's also easy to get him to stay completely abstinent for a few days, with the help of small air vents on the surface of the device. These air vents and resin-based materials for this toy are set to make the cage bearable for a period of confinement for the wearer. The male coop comes in different sizes and can hold rings up to 1.97 inches in diameter. You can choose to mock his masculinity with a pink cell, or you can look through his poor little brother and try to find your way through the clear water. If you're the kind of serious mistress that slaves don't want to fuck, wear black. Five disposable locks and two spare keys are also included for more chastity.  


3. Pink Plastic Chastity Cage CB-6000

Choosing this pink chastity cage CB-6000 will indeed be sadistic to her women for you. In addition to rejecting his pleasure, this pink cock cage also can be as a weapon of humiliation. Made of plastic it can help your lover like this keep a close eye on her slaves for a long time because it is light enough to carry around. They are good vents you can keep in every part of the case.

The set includes five different ring plug rings that you can swap the use of locking with your sub BD depending on the duration of the cage. With it, you can instill dominance and power. Use it on your slave's chicken until he begs your mercy.

4. Plastic Chastity Cage 4.5 Inches Long

You know what happens to a rude slave? He needs to be punished for that grievous mistake. Let him learn his lesson and do it hard with this pink chastity cage. This beautiful pink chastity cage has multiple round holes for excellent ventilation, and this cage has multiple rings in the box, making it an ideal starter cage for those who are unsure of the ring size they need. It's also fairly well-spaced within the cage, measuring 4.5 inches in length.


5. Silicone Chastity Cage Perverse Pink

Did your master or mistress order you to lock your penis in a pink chastity device?  Prove your obedience with this perfect pink cage!  

The advantage of this silicone chastity device is that it's very comfortable to wear, soft and flexible, and doesn't leave much freedom for your genitals.  The cage has vents to allow air to circulate freely and is comfortable to bathe in for weeks.  

Let our forced female dominance be imposed, and from now on you will be wearing a pink chastity cage. There is no escape for your sex. The mistress's only escape was to place the key carefully in her secret safe.  

Let's force the dominance of femininity to be imposed, and from now on you will be wearing a pink chastity cage. There is no escape for your sex. The only escape is for the mistress to carefully preserve the key in her secret safe. Pink will sublimate your submission! 


Part 5. The Lastest Cobra Chastity Cages 2022

A dangerous cobra needs this cobra chastity cage to prevent it from finding its way into another vagina.  When you're looking for a device to lock a man's penis, it's easy to get caught up in the playful and feminine cage outside.  There's something about a cage like this that makes chastity even more exciting.  The shock of its black shadow is enough to make you feel even more triumphant.  You can embarrass him by saying he got a small, useless cock, and go on to say more nasty things to drain his self-esteem.  Lock your partner's king Cobra rooster and easily tame it!

1. Double-Lock Mamba Cock Cage - Terminator

The uniqueness of the cage is double locks who never escape without your master agree. It helps reduce the strength and duration of erections by allowing the deep dorsal veins and superficial dorsal veins to work. The doubel-lock mamba cock cage design can effectively reduce urine residue and bring a clean and hygienic use experience. Lock your partner's king Cobra cock and easily tame it!


 2.  CC96 Mamba Chastity Cage

Looking for the exquisite steel material of mamber chastity cage, or the cobra chastity cages maing of stainles steel?

There are two styles of these steel mamba chastity cage here. The long style cage length is 3.74 inches. The short version length is 2.56 inches.

Smooth, hollow out and light. Twisty snail wire lock. So fantastic!


3.  Stripe Cobra Chastity Cage with 4 Arc Rings

Looking for Cobra Chastity Cages? Stripe Cobra Chastity Cage with 4 Arc Rings. This one is good. There are different colors available. 

It has four rings of different sizes, so you can adjust the ball to suit your mood.  If you're not ready for the ultimate humiliation, try to skip the pink cage. There's even more sultry purple!  Even better, ta's lightweight. You can wear it under casual clothes.  This device is designed for comfort and features a 3D design that not only looks good but also offers a better fit, too!  It's not completely enclosed, so that means you don't have a stinky dick!  It also has a fairly large hole so you can pee without taking the cage down.  

Stripe Cobra Chastity Cage with 4 Arc Rings

4. Stainless Steel Cobra 6.0 Chastity Cage

This is the latest Stainless Steel  V6 3D Printed Cobra Cage Mamba Ring Male Chastity Device. 

New stainless steel Cobra chastity lock for 2022, sixth generation double curved surface.  Double side popular type of clasp, increase body fitting surface, greatly increase comfort, more compact wear.  Male abstinence comfort escape chastity lock.  After repeated tests and continuous optimization, the high-quality chastity lock with excellent experience and design sense is finally presented.  Pure hand grinding, smooth internal and external surface without burrs.  It's a good choice for a little dick!  

5. Stainless Steel Cobra Chastity Cage

Looking for Cobra cages? Here are Stainless Steel Cobra Chastity Cage micro and tight for you. Arc rings and round rings for your choice.

With this one, you can embarrass him by saying he got a small, useless cock, and go on to say more nasty things to drain his self-esteem. Why not try! 


The most popular chastity cages 2022 are here. In general, the topic seems to be moving into the wider cultural sphere, with more and more couples taking to it and using the cage now!  All of our cages have careful billing and shipping.