What is Male Chastity? Full Introduction to Chastity

Have you heard of male chastity or male chastity cage? It is very popular in some certain circles. Maybe you are beginner for it and not very familar with it? But here a full introduction about the male chastity which you would be very interested.

Part 1. What is Male Chastity

Male chastity is that let other people to control your genitals. This one can be your wife, or girlfriend, boyfriend, or even a stranger online. Certain men even love chastity alone himself and enjoy the experience.
A male chastity cage restricts access to the male genitalia, thereby preventing masturbation, sexual intercourse and/or orgasm, or causing pain after an erection. It can be either short-term, during a single sexual encounter, or long-term over a few days or more.

what- male-chastity-

Male chastity can let men relax. Being able to fully obey and allow their partner to control them, allowing them to fully focus on the pleasure their bodies bring. So most men enjoy the pleasures from the male chastity.
Some people like to gratify their partner's every desire, acting like perfect slaves. Of course, the person holding the key to the cage, who we can call as keyholder, can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while issue an order.

Part 2. What is a chastity cage

A chastity cage, also call as cock cage or penis cage. It's one kind of chastity deivce. It is a awosome chastity device.

It can keep your panis from erection and prevent ejaculation. The chastity cage plays a key role in a chaste male lifestyle in which the male partner is subservient to his "mistress".
what is a chastity cage
There are many kinds material of chastity cage, such as metal chastity cage, silicone chastity cage, plastic chastity cage or resin chastity cage, 3d chastity cage. You can select one which you think you fit or love according to your size.
There are different long cage from 0.62 inches to 6 inches. How to measure your penis and how to select your chastity cage, you can click here.

Part 3. Tips about chastity cage/male chastity

Tip 1. Can I urinate while wearing my chastity cage
Most chastity cages features a hole at the tip which will allow convenient toilet breaks just as normal!
some men want to sitting down to pee rather than standing up.

Tip 2. How long can I wear chasity cage
For beginner, you need time to get used to the cock cage. Start with an hour or so, and increase time over time gradually. Make sure everyting is ok and comfortable. Then you can wear it over days, even over weeks. The longer you try, the longer you will. Some people wear it some days on ends!

Tip 3. Can I wear the chastity deivce while sleeping

Yes, of couse you can wear the cock cage while sleeping. But be careful if you use with 3d or plastic cages which maybe easily bent. Different people has different feels. Some enjoy wearing it overnight. Some not, but it is ok, you can take it off before you sleep in the evening and put it back on in the morning.

Tip 4. Don't forget to clean your cage

As you wear your cage more and more, you may start to notice an unpleasant smell. So you need to wash it regularly. 

In the end, if you try the male chastity, you will be loving it. You'lll enjoy the pleasure world.
If you have any question about the male chastity or chastity cage, please contact us at contact@chatitycage.co