Inverted Chastity Cage: The Complete Guide About A Micro Inverted Chastity Cage

The inverted chastity cage is a nice way of ensuring one does not think about sex for a while. It is a tool, which is designed to keep one comfortable and plays a huge rile in improving the sex life. For some men, they will want to use the chastity cages as a way of not using their penis. This has made some remove their masculinity, and some to prevent constant sexual urges. The Inverted chastity cage will push your penis back inside the body.


Part 1. Top 5 Inverted Chastity Cages

There are different types of chastity cages available. This way, one gets to narrow down the list and get to choose the one they like and serves their ideal needs. The invert chastity is available in an assortment of stylish looks. Whichever your preferred style, you will get an array of options you can use.

1.1 Long Urethral Inverted Chastity Cage

The long urethral inverted chastity cage is unique and available in three styles. This makes it easy for clients to pick the preferred option. The urethral inverted chastity cage is made of high quality silicone material.  

-Style A of  urethral inverted chastity cage includes the anti erection column diameter of 20mm, the catheter length of 145mm, and, anti erection column length of 36mm. it also includes 1 cage, 1 stainless steel anti erection column, 1 silicon catheter, 1 ring, and a magic lock which holds 2 keys.

-The Long Urethral Inverted Chastity Cage style B constitutes the magic lock, cage and ring. The cage has a tune, and the cage diameter is 35mm. the catheter length is 145mm, the anti erection column length is 36mm, the tube inner diameter is 29mm, and anti erection column diameter is 20mm. the set includes 1 cage, a ring, stainless steel anti erection column, and a silicone catheter.

Urethral Inverted Chastity Cage

1.2 Inverted Chastity Cage Negative

The inverted chastity cage negative is suitable for small coke, and is easy to customize to preferred tightness of the user. It has a curve shape and it is 45mm height and 43mm diameter.  The inner diameter of the tube is 8mm diameter and 14mm length.  This inverted chastity is used for potency, delay enlargement and stamina. It is available in stainless steel. 

Double Screw Negative Chastity Cage

1.3 Pink pussy Shaped Chastity Cage with 4 Rings

The pink pussy shaped chastity cage with 4 rings will make the penis resemble the vagina. You get to see the sissy fetishists when you adapt the inverted chastity cages. This cage is smoother, stronger and easy for one to use. It is durable, comfortable, lightweight and quite comfortable. The set includes one cage, 4 rings, and a magic lock.

Pink Chastity Cage With 4 Rings Pussy Shaped

1.4 Micro Inverted Chastity Cage

The micro inverted chastity cage is a device, which has the ability of shrinking your tiny clit more and more. If you want to achieve your dream of being locked 24/7, then getting to wear this small inverted chastity cage will do the trick. The details of the penis ring size are 40mm/50mm/45mm. the set includes one lock and 2 keys, one cage, a ring and it weight 126g. It is made of high grade quality of  stainless steel.

Micro Inverted Chastity Cage

1.5 BDSM Vaginal Chastity Devices Cage

If you are in love with male bondage, then the BDSM vaginal chastity device cage will come in handy. You will get to enjoy the slave penis ring. It has a cage with 42mm ring, and 60mm ring. It is made from hard plastic, which is durable.

BDSM Vaginal Chastity Devices Cage

Part 2. Why and how to wearing an inverted chastity cage?

Many people want to have total control of their sexuality and getting the chastity cages is a good idea. Here, you get to wear the inverted chastity cage, and get control of your sexual side, and in touch with your feminine side. You will insert the penis in the cage and you will lock it. Since it is made from stainless steel, you can bath with it. Some people wear the chastity cage for a few hours and some prefer to wear them for several days. For ease of use, one can use the manuals that come with the chastity cage in order to put it on correctly.

When can you go for an inverted Chastity Cage?

Some people want to get full control of their sexuality and taming their penis is one way. Some users want to explore their feminine size and getting the inverted cage is one way of going about it.  Some people want to lock their penis in order to stop masturbating, getting a full erection, and even having sex.

Part 3. The Inverted Urethral: the metal or silicone?

When one is new in the use if inverted chastity, they need to survey the options the market. You need to use the inverted version and you will get to use something which shall fit snugly in and you shall get into other versions once you are comfortable. You can buy the chastity cage, which has several sizes, and you get to pick the ones you feel comfortable with. The chastity also uses the sounding as a way of getting extra stimulation and the locking mechanism. You will find there is the metal penis sounding and the silicone penis sounding. The metal dilator is cheap and easy to use. Some people want the silicon dilator, which has longer tube, and might be uncomfortable for the first time. You can spice things up when you go for the urethra vibrator for the chastity cage. Buyers can opt for the long urethral or the short urethral depending on preference. The same thing happens with the preferred material. You can go for metal urethral or the silicone urethral.

Part 4. Should I plug it all in?

When tying the chastity cage for the first time, it is recommended not to push it all in. you will suffer damages to your penis. You also need to invert it for shorter periods until you are fully used to it.  Anytime you feel discomfort, you should refrain from pushing the penis in the cage. Some people like the discomfort they get from the chastity cage and it arouses them. In such cases, get the closely fit chastity cage. This way, you preserve the flow of blood, and you will feel good sensations. There are cages, which come with urethral, there are some without urethral as well. The user has the chance of choosing the most applicable option. You can go for the chastity cage with urethral plugs, and they are available in different sizes. They include the steel urethral chastity cage, which is 1.97 inches long, and the cock cage with a butt plug attachment and urethral sound at 1.77 inches long.

There are also some separately Urethral Catheter available. They include the vibrating waterproof silicone penis plug, beaded dual ring hollow urethral sound, stainless prostate stimulator urethral sound and the balled urethral play stainless steel sound.

Part 5. Conclusion

Many people want to learn and know more about the Inverted Chastity Cage. The good thing is the ability of getting to control your sexuality and have fun at the same time. Some people want to shrink the size of their penis and other people want to take part in the BDSM. Whatever the reason, you find it is easy when you get the best cages, which shall meet your needs. This is why it is necessary to get the right brand, which is known to sell the right quality. You have the opportunity of purchasing online and have it discreetly delivered to your location.